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Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

Tune in to hear from a favorite of many, Sheril Kirshenbaum. Sheril is the ED of Science Debate as well as the host of ‘Serving up Science’ on PBSDS.

With major concerns about shortages in grocery stores and mad scrambles to find the last box of pasta or toilet paper roll, many of the nation’s largest farms are struggling with another ghastly effect of the pandemic. They are being forced to destroy tens of millions of pounds of fresh food that they can no longer sell.

Food WASTE during a pandemic? HOW?

The closing of restaurants, hotels and schools has left some farmers with no buyers for more than half their crops. And even as retailers see spikes in food sales to Americans who are now eating nearly every meal at home, the increases are not enough to absorb all of the perishable food that was planted weeks ago and intended for schools and businesses.

Sheril has a refreshing approach to science and reality with a thought-provoking view on food waste and climate change. In Phil’s words – she puts the cookies on the lower shelf.

Buy what you need and eat what you buy. SIMPLE.