Project Description

The ‘perfect storm’ is brewing and the 4th wave of the pandemic is coming. The wave of the indefinite – interwoven components of food insecurity that are threatening us like attributes of a catastrophic storm.

This Sunday, join Dr. Phil Knight and Gerry Brisson the President & CEO of Gleaners Community Food Bank on Food First Michigan as they discuss the heavy weight of the 4th wave of the pandemic. They share how it will affect the Michigan food bank network, the National School Lunch Program and how U.S. Department of Agriculture is choosing to DECLINE waivers proposed by Senator Debbie Stabenow and State Superintendent Dr. Rice, allowing food banks to participate in the programs and make sure families are food secure during COVID-19.

It is common knowledge that a compromised immune system is one of the worst things to have during a global pandemic such as this, and having access to healthy and nutritious food is a CRITICAL component of keeping immune systems healthy.

We CANNOT treat the coming storm of food insecurity like it’s bad weather.

We need more than alerts.

We need more than wishful thinking.

We NEED the truth!