Project Description

Amid the pandemic, we have all been more cognizant about where our food comes from and if there will be enough. The food insecure struggle with these thoughts all the time. As we often say, when you’re hungry, you only have ONE problem.

This Sunday, join Dr. Phil Knight, Gerry Brisson, President & CEO of Gleaners Community Food Bank, and Carl Bednarski, President of Michigan Farm Bureau for the 3rd and final part of the Intersection of Health Disparities and Food Security series.

The Farm Bureau Family of Companies which includes Michigan Farm Bureau, Farm Bureau Insurance and its nearly 450 agents across the state, are all committed to finding solutions to end food insecurity and have been coming alongside of the food bank network for nine years. Food security is a passion, not a hobby, for the Farm Bureau Family of Companies.

They are community-centered, a backbone for their fellow Michiganders, and a company of purpose. Due to restaurants taking the brunt of COVID-19, they wanted to act; ergo, the “Helping Hands Program”. As a result of the pandemic people were driving less and there were less accidents which in turn saved Farm Bureau Insurance of Michigan money; they chose to give those savings back to their communities. Agents identified restaurants in their own communities that were struggling to make ends meet and Family of companies donated $4,000 to each restaurant and asked them to support the “Helping Hands Program”. They then gave their members $25 vouchers to spend at each restaurant. If the restaurants surpassed the $4,000, Farm Bureau Family of Companies encouraged them to send over the remainder of the bill. During these unprecedented times, this family of companies are doing unprecedented things to shine a light on their neighbors. They also stepped in and stepped up with the “Million Meal Challenge” at the beginning of the pandemic, raising $183,000 to provide 1.1 million meals to Michigan residents. They are the sponsor of Food First and are dedicated to being at the table and changing the conversation about food security.

Everything rises and falls on leadership, but nothing truly changes without relationships. We are grateful for the Michigan Farm Bureau Family of Companies – they believed in us early and they continue to support our mission to create a food secure state.

Be sure to hug a farmer because solving hunger starts in the field. And, as always, FOOD FIRST!