Project Description

Every one of us at every level should starve our distraction and feed our focus when it comes to food insecurity. If we focus on Food First in all of our endeavors and ask the question of the priority of food in all of our efforts – a major cultural shift will take place in our state.

Hear from influencers that are making Food First a reality. In this episode we have Carl Bednarski, president of Michigan Farm BureauState Senator Peter MacGregor and State Representative Angela Witwer; and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist.

A little tease of the powerful conversations that were had:

Carl discusses how food security starts in the field with the farmers, not the grocery stores. Senator MacGregor and Representative Witwer do a joint interview to share their passion for hunger being the one issue that unites us all. Lastly, Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist discusses governance being a full-contact sport and helping people where they’re at – not where you want them to be.

We are thankful for the role that food security plays in all of our guests thought process – they are helping create the movement of FOOD FIRST!