Project Description

Phil and Gerry will attempt to solve the riddle, inside of a mystery trapped in an enigma. COVID-19.

COVID-19 has grabbed our independence by the throat and pinned us against the wall and it appears it’s not letting go any time soon.

This does not stop the food bankers. They are determined to see this through to the end, whenever that is. They are heroes. They are continuing to put themselves at risk in order to help Michigan’s most vulnerable population during this crisis.

In the midst of this carnage – people are stepping up to help. Thank you, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, for valuing the work we do and assigning the Michigan National Guard to our food banks. Thank you Michigan Apples and Michigan Potatoes for your generous contributions to help feed your fellow Michiganders.

Let this episode provide you with hope. We will rise and get through this TOGETHER.