Project Description

March 11, 2018

‘Ordinary doing the extraordinary’ – this fits Stephen Ritz to a T. Stephen Ritz – author, educator, innovator and urban farmer is investing his one handful of life in the youth of his community. His leadership journey took him from the Bronx to the White House and back simply because he cared what kids were eating, how often they were attending school and if they were graduating.

‘The Green Graffiti, an urban farming revolution, has taken Stephen and his students from their Greenhouse to the White House and from hope to the Pope.’ Intrigued about the revolution? Learn more about it – Green Bronx Machine and / or read Stephen’s book “The Power of a Plant.”

Stephen, as well as Phil, Gerry and the rest of the food bank network believe: kids who aren’t well fed, will not be well read. This makes total sense, right?!