Project Description

Change is painful. Unknowns are scary. They are part of our everyday lives and we are learning how to live with the new ‘normals’.

There is no doubt that our worldview impacts our thinking and from these worldviews, we derive our values – the non-negotiables of our lives.

Our food bankers, who are on the front lines every day, distributing record amounts of emergency to people in need across the state. They do this because duty replaces liberty. They do this because responsibility replaces rights. They do this because they are heroes. They will do this until well after this pandemic ends because they are here to truly help take hunger off the table for their fellow Michiganders – and for that, we are grateful.

Tune in to hear an update on the budget and the maze that is Michigan right now from Stephanie Johnson, partner at Khoury Johnson Leavitt. Stephanie is Food Bank Council of Michigan’s lobbyist and specializes in labor, agriculture, education and human services issues. She consistently has her finger on the pulse in Lansing and is a plethora of information on what is happening in the state.