Project Description

March 4, 2018

Health is related to the quality of life and the ability to achieve from the cradle to the grave.

Did you know that Michigan is the 34th healthiest state in the U.S. and 35th in reading level? Michigan is known as the comeback state, but not in some of the fundamental areas where it matters most. The healthier a state, the higher the education level outcome – sensible and significant relationship, don’t you think?

Tune in to hear from an impactful influencer, Rob Casalou, CEO of Saint Joseph Mercy Health System. Rob has spent the last 28 years in health systems and his leadership originates from his character and is truly the essence of who he is. Rob, Phil and Gerry discuss the triple aim of healthcare, the priority of food in social programming and so many awesome programs that St. Joseph Mercy Health System has created!