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Have you ever heard the phrase, “ignorance is bliss?” Let’s challenge that statement. If defining reality is the first responsibility of leadership then accepting reality must be the second. Defining a problem inaccurately rarely leads to a great solution.

In this episode of Food First, we will hear from Stacy Dean, the Vice President for Food Assistance Policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Stacy joins Dr. Phil Knight and Gerry Brisson to define reality on what it means to live in poverty in America. In tonight’s episode, the conversation centers on the Office of Management and Budget’s proposed changes to the federal poverty measure. The proposed changes could prevent thousands of Americans from receiving much-needed​ healthcare and food assistance benefits. As Stacy says in the episode, “We have the ability to tackle big problems without making hunger and hardship worse in this country.”

Give your legislators a call to let them know your thoughts on the proposed changes using the contact information found at and

View the Self-Sufficiency Standard on the Food Bank Council of Michigan’s website to understand the reality of what it takes to be self-sufficient in Michigan: