Project Description

“You cannot BE the same, THINK the same and ACT the same if you hope to be successful in a world that does not remain the same.”
– John Maxwell

Adaptability, not conformity is the key to maintaining a high level of effectiveness, impact and success. The Food Bank Council of Michigan and our network adapted – 20 years ago our network distributed over 70 million lbs. of food across our state, which equates to 60 million meals. Just in this past year, our network distributed 205 million pounds, which equates to 170 million meals –> that’s a 193% increase in less than 20 years! We cannot manage our way out of this – we must LEAD our way out.

To make food first – you have to think of the whole system from the beginning to the end. Not much happens around the world if the farmers don’t produce food and fiber for their consumers and the farmers have truly ‘weathered the storm’ over the past year.

Hear from our returning guest, Ernie Birchmeier, Livestock and Dairy Specialist at Michigan Farm Bureau. Ernie, Phil, and Gerry discuss the strong agriculture community, the impact of trade mitigation, trade agreements and more.

As always, FOOD FIRST! And – please thank a farmer!