Project Description

COVID-19 has consumed our minds and hearts the last 4.5 months. So many people have faced hardships because of the pandemic – we’ve pushed our bodies to DO more, so we can SERVE more!

Pre-COVID 1.4 million Michiganders were food insecure with roughly 300,000 – 400,000 of those being children. Food insecurity is brutal and has ‘no face’. It could be your neighbor, your coworker, your grandma – it doesn’t discriminate.

Tonight at 9 p.m. join Dr. Phil Knight; Gerry Brisson, President & CEO of Gleaners Community Food Bank; Paul Elam, Chief Strategy Officer of Michigan Public Health Institute and Bezil Taylor, Graduate Assistant at the MSU School of Social Work. These inspiring gentlemen thoroughly discuss how food insecurity is a public health challenge and it must be in the forefront of ALL of our minds while taking the stigma away.

Both Paul and Bezil, are strong advocates for those in need and using their one handful of life to the fullest extent!

As always, food FIRST!