Project Description

Vision is the idea of a better tomorrow.

During COVID-19, we have learned a lot about ourselves, our work and our impact. We have had abundant resources flow to our state in the form of food assistance with SNAP, Pandemic-EBT, unemployment benefits, school meals changing their models to grab-and-go, and our network distributing almost 5 million pounds of food each week. We have adapted and will continue to do so to help feed our hungry neighbors.

Tune in this evening to hear from Dr. Phil Knight, Gerry Brisson, President and CEO of Gleaners Community Food Bank and Alex Canepa, State Policy Manager of Fair Food Network and a member of Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s Food Security Council. Alex is a thought leader and using his one handful of life to build out his vision of food security; a vision where farmers and those who work around agriculture and food processing, are able to generate community-level wealth.

While we live in one of the wealthiest places on Earth, a large percentage of our children are food insecure. We must figure out how to unlock the food chain enabling everyone, not just some, to access healthy and nutritious foods. We know our work has no value if we distribute food that people won’t eat; people need to be eating the food that they receive as well as enjoy it.

Change is part of existence – be the change you wish to see in the world. We are imperfect people, doing meaningful work with a vision of a better tomorrow.